Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm ENGAGED!!! to NICK!!!

Ha ha... I thought I would make it very clear...

Anyway, we are very happy and letting it sink in for the moment...

And here's the ring, for those of you who haven't seen it yet:

And the story that goes with it is just as simple as the ring itself,
which is very fine by me. The way Nick asked me was very 'him',
simple and funny. We had just finished watching Tortilla Soup (a
cute little movie...) Then after a short bathroom break I took,
I returned to the couch to watch CTV news (how exciting, I know.
this is a very typical night for me an nick... not that I'm complaining)
And if I would have known that he was going to ask me to marry
him when I was returning from the washroom, I think I would have
noticed the hint of nervousness that he was giving off... but I was
pleasently surprised when he popped the question. And then I
started laughing like an idiot, and then even more so when he
gave the unopened box to me and said, " Will... you marry
me?" Ha ha.. it was really cute actaully, except for my annoying
laughter in the background, which I'm sure made him even more

so that's the big story, not a lot of 'romance' but very much the
way I would have imagined it to go. Oh, and I forgot the part
where he was going to put the ring on my finger and jokingly
started to slip it onto my index finger, which made my nervous
laugh even more enjoyable to listen to....

that is the happy story
and the beginning of our happy story...