Friday, January 18, 2013

To Cuba, Or Not To Cuba...


It's almost a year to date that we last visited the tropical wonderland. We will soon have white sand between our toes, warm ocean breeze around us, and one (or two) fruity drinks to cool us down.
I have to confess: I feel very spoiled at the moment. I grew up always in envy of my school mates who travelled to warmer climates during their spring breaks. Although, DisneyLand was the place of my dreams then... Now, white beaches, blue ocean and lazying about is what I dream of. And we're going!
I know, I know... It's not realistic to think I can have this whenever I want to escape the "real world", but when we are there it is the real world. And we're totally spoiled.
And, this is the first time we'll be this far away from Aali together, for 8 days... And it's scaring me. I just got back from NYC, and I have to say, I didn't enjoy the being away part like I normally do. It was hard to separate my every thought from my two loves at home. It will be easier this time. I'll at least have Nick beside me, and the comfort of knowing Aali is with the other people she loves dearly. But I never anticipated that distance between mother and child would be so.... hard.
But, as Nicholas so lovingly pointed out, it will be so very nice to spend some time with each other in a beautiful place like Cuba. We'll make great memories together, and always think back to them when it's -30 with the windchill at home. I'm so looking forward to it.

Anyone else wanna come?