Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm back!!

Okay. I now realize that I've lost a lot of my blog readers, which is sad, but very understandable. I have not been very interesting of late...

But do not fear!! I have my inspiration back!

It's almost spring time and that makes me so happy, even just the thought of it.

I was in Moose Jaw last week visiting Kelsey, and very close friend, and we went to the spa and we went out for coffee everyday, and we bought ourselves things we didn't really need and tot top it all off, the weather was above -5 C. the whole weekend, which always lifts my spirit at this time of year. I was truly happy to be there with her.

I realized last weekend that even being away from your everyday life for a few short days can really change the way you think about it. It dawned on me while sipping hot coffee and eating biscotti with someone I loved that I am really blessed. Seeing my life from literally the outside, made me think long and hard about where I am in it, at this moment, and one thought kept creeping into my mind, over and over again:

I'm content;

I love and am loved, deeply;

I have a family that supports me in every way (almost two now...);

I am connected to a community of people I can trust and have real, wholly relationships with and be blessed through them.

What more could I want?

I complained a lot about winter this year. I didn't like the cold nights, I didn't like the cold days. I didn't like my cold feet or my tense neck muscles. I hated sitting in freezing cold cars, I hated how even the sun was cold. And then I didn't like how I was thinking; cold, negative thoughts...

But then, a change. The weight lessens. The sun begins to produce heat again, the days are warmer. My neck relaxes, my face bares a smile. I walk past icicles dripping, and look around at people in sweatshirts and feel better. I am more relaxed and care free. I'm happy.

If I didn't go through those dark cold months of winter, I would never appreciate spring this much.