Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I think that's the word to describe what I felt tonight, rocking Aali to sleep. At one point she took the bottle out of her mouth and it fell to her neck, spilling water there. I took the bottle aside and wiped the water away with my finger, and she looked up at me almost encouraging me to continue. So I kept stroking her newly bathed, baby soft neck and she kept looking at me with her big beautiful, sleepy eyes. We just stared. I was overwhelmed with emotion... how did this 'little bit of a thing'* come my way? How on earth did God put this child in my arms? My arms? To protect, to love, to teach and care for? Her sweet face, her bright eyes studying me.
I was filled with wonder tonight. And there's no going back from here. She's imprinted on my heart forever.

* Aaliyah is quite small for her age, and my Grandma has said a few times, "Oh, isn't she just a little bit of a thing!" I thought it was so sweet :)

Monday, April 02, 2012

Sunday afternoons...

Lately Sunday's have been incredibly busy for us. Always full of great things... church, lunch, hanging out, Nascar, family suppers, house stuff. I love to do all of this, but sometimes I just want to nap, or sit in the sun outside, or just be at home with Nick.
Since we've taken in Aaliyah, we have had more Sunday afternoons at home, napping, lounging and being together. I like it. That's what Sunday afternoons are for.