Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So, what is new?


1. The house reno's are going well, doing a lot of outside work right now getting our yard into shape and using the great weather wisely! We hope to do siding in the next couple of months and get a lawn growing. It's coming along! ( I would post pictures, but it doens't really look that great right now...)

2. Neko (the dog) is growing up, slowly... I accidentally hit her with our car, but she is fine. I didn't hit her that hard... It just scared the crap out of me : ( I feel really guilty!

3. I got a job at the Grace Cafe downtown. It's good, and fast-paced. It's only part time, so I continue to work with Don and work on the house in my spare time. I will be in the studio next month to record some vocals for Don's next album! It's gonna be his best yet!

4. Hm... Don't really have much else going on... I'm looking foward to the summer, hopefully getting away with Nick and relaxing for a bit, but we'll see!

5. I'm sorry this isn't a funny/interesing post! More to come... hopefully!