Monday, November 19, 2007

ohhhhhhh...... myyyy.......

so. driving home from minneapolis last night I was trying to relax and listen to jack johnson. I was trying not to think about the day before; the confusion, the stress, the anger, stupid second guessing, the gas that was wasted, not to mention the time..... if you have ever been lost before, I'm sure the last few sentence gave it away. anyway, back to jack johnson, the song "staple it together" came on and in one verse he says something like 'hate is such a strong word', and I would agree with it. and I also try not to use it unless I really mean it.

as of right now, I HATE MINNEAPOLIS.

I'm sorry to those who live there who probably think of it how think of my home city, but I have never been lost like that before. I'm sure that all my sisters will be blogging about this (and others who had similar experiences recently...) and all I can say is I will mostly agree with them on their rantings.

it will be a while before I go back, and all I can sum up from my tired mind are these little sayings...
BLAST YOU 694!!!!!



oh and Snelling..... a BIG BLAST FOR YOU!!!!!

and for me sisters,
memorable quotes, from our weary and over wrought heads:

kim - "Hey look! Gas!" (<- meaning geese)
pam - "It would really suck if there was a highway on this interstate..."
cor - "I. Hate. John. Martin. Ave."
kim- "Oh tiger snails, zebra muscles, same thing..."
(and my favourite)
bec- "Yea, like, they don't have a skunk skwak--skwak--!"

and.... one lesson, of many, we learned:
'don't buy milk shakes on road trips... bad things happen...'

Thursday, November 08, 2007

new coat! new coat!

well this was on sale and I really liked it, and I kind of needed a new one... kind of... but it was on sale!

anyway, I'm very happy with this purchase. I don't usually blog about the things I buy, but this was all I could think of at the moment.

I definitely don't look like that underneath... or let my mid rift show like that... or put excess amounts of lip shiner on, and I try not to take pictures of myself with my head cut off, but that's the jacket none the less. And I like it.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Ha Ha! I have conquered!

So, for all of you who didn't see me crying about this at church, I have lessened my load at school and feel about 88.7 times better than I did before. And just to clear up a little confusion, I didn't quit school altogether, I just dropped two out of the six I was taking, which is why I have the feeling of conquering something.... my own stubborness.

I don't feel that my decision is taking the "easy way out", on the contrary, actaully. I need to finish this degree in my own time, with the skills God has given me. I was lacking energy, and motivation and love for school, and I am just really tired of being at Prov. for so long; 3 and a half years (for someone who doesn't really enjoy "school") at this college is getting to me, and I need a break.

And on the brighter side, I have a wedding to plan! and songs to write! and music services to organize. All things to which I have passion and love and joy for! So why not do those things now? when they are so prominant in my life? School can wait for me, and I can wait for it. The thought of having a piece of paper with my accomplishments on it is cool, but for now I have most those accomplishments up here (I'm pointing to my head)!

So that's it. I feel great! and it's a Monday... go figure...

I think I'm happy.