Tuesday, December 01, 2009

More Pictures than Words...

Well, the last week has been a blast. Saw Becky after a month without her, performed at an awards show with Donald, where he WON!! Best Male Artist of the Year! Yes!
We hung out with some good friends and had some really good times.
(I know my words have surpassed the number of pictures I have, but whatever.)
(Also, I can't organize pictures in this blogger thing, so you're gonna get a bit of my week Momento style... haha)

So, the last thing we did: Played a great show in one of the oldest standing churches in Toronto with the Great Wooden Trio and Mike Janzen. Good night.

My new boots. So cool. So cheap. Nick told me not to buy any more shoes for the remainder of the trip. Fair enough...

Oh yeah... I was trying to be a rockstar before the show... Successful?

Us hanging out in our dressing room! We had our own showers and toilets! And we were only two doors down from Buffy Saint-Marie.

This is what I wore to the awards... there is actually a picture of my all dressed up on the red carpet a link on Pam's blog. Go check it out!

okay, so the first day we got there we went shopping at a mall, and since I had been up at 5 am that morning, I was much in need of a coffee. So we stopped at this cute little place!!

This was on our way to our hotel/my reunion with Becky picture! lol

So, this is on the plane from Calgary to Toronto. Just thought it was a cool picture... I love clouds.

And last, but actually first, waiting for my flight to leave in Calgary. (For those of you who don't know, I was in Saskatoon for a week previous to this, but WestJet has close to NO direct flights to Saskatoon from Winnipeg, so every time in or out of Saskatoon, I had to stop in Calgary first, which is only 1 hour and a 1/2 out of the way. Yeesh! So silly. Calgary was not in my travel plans for this trip, but I ended up going there twice! Crazy....)

These are just a few pictures of my week... And My sisters are soon to join Becky and myself to go down to NEW YORK in just a few days!! I will probably have to make a video of all those pictures... but Christmas might pose as a distraction, so no rush on that!

Happy first Day of December everyone!! Go and get your Christmas Tree!!!