Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the name of my blog should probably be changed to: It's Been a While...

I know... I'm terrible at keeping this thing going...

But instead of pictures of the house today, I have an experience to share.

I had to drive Nicholas to work this morning, and it was earlier than I normally get up, so I was a little tired. I dropped him off, then proceeded to reward myself with a "I got up early today" treat... Starbucks... (I know, sad hey?) haha....

Anyway, the Safeway on Fermor and St. Annes is always a great little stop on the way to GNF (I'm filling in for Pam this week), and I really like that nobody is at Safeway or the little internal Starbucks that early in the morning. I often go there. Anyway, I wasn't really in the best of moods, being tired and all, and the fact that it was warmer outside at 7:45am than it was in the grocery store... I was looking forward to my Grande Vanilla Soy Latte very much.

So, I stepped up to the counter and while another customer was being served, I looked down to see a piece of paper with drink orders written on it. I thought someone may have left their garbage behind, but then quickly realized all the drinks were written in different handwritting. So I studied the Starbucks worker behind the counter, and she was quietly going about her business. She was a little bit different looking, but really pretty and sweet too.

Anyway, when she did come to serve me, she just sweetly smiled and pushed the paper and a pen to write down my drink order, and it pretty much took me until then to realize that she was deaf. And as we communicated silently, she did her thing and I watched and waited. And I couldn't help but think, me being a person of many words, how nice it was just to smile and gesture to a stranger and share the silence together. I didn't really feel like talking anyway, and the fact that she was so sweet made it very easy to enjoy being around her.

I realize that maybe being her friend, or family would be a very different story, but as a girl serving coffee, it was by far the best experience at Starbucks that I've ever had. And I didn't even catch her name, but Starbucks girl, you will never guess that you made my day today!
Thank you.