Friday, October 20, 2006

With You on The Moon

(the song that inspired the blog)

I was dreaming a dream last night,
and much to my delight
I was wearing spandex on the moon
Wearning spandex on the moon

'Caught a ride on a shooting star
It didn't take me very far
I just want to be with you
wearing spandex on the moon

And babe, when we get there
I will take your hand
and guide you to where
we'll meet Mr. Sandman
And he'll dream us a dream
that'll take us far away
in our neon greens
where we will spend a day
wearing spandex on the moon
spandex on the moon

I just want to be with you, oh...
I just want to be with you
on the moon

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I love the little things in life(good or bad), like...

going out with friends
the awkwardness of running into old friends
watching people change
drivers waving thankyou after you let them infront of you

drivers flipin' you the bird when you don't let them infront of you
driving someone else's car

eating great food
making great food
going out for great food
watching cooking shows

putting on clean socks
seeing laundry hanging on a clothes line
wearing pj's fresh out of the dryer
clothes that are in the dryer too long that kind of smell burnt

watching a movie on a cold day with blankets and hot chocolate and sisters
paying too much at the movie theartre to see a stupid movie
renting movies and then forgetting to return them
watching a movie too many times

finding out you have more time than you think
spending time doing something you don't really want to do

having a dumb song stuck in your head for days

trying on clothes you know you won't ever purchase
getting hand-me-downs
wearing out your favourite pair of jeans
making a new outfit out of old clothes

laughing so hard you cry
the silence after a bad joke
being able to laugh at yourself
laughing in the wrong place at the wrong time

Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm a What?

(this picture totally makes me nose look HUGE. no but seriously, I get it from my dad)

okay, so it turns out that I'm better than I thought. why did it take me so long to do something about it? who knows... maybe I was shy. so I'm kind of a smidget "out there" and now I don't know what to do. I just realized that I haven't actually said what I'm talking about.

I sang a few of my songs as an opening for Don Amero's CD release party... and it turns out that poeple liked me even more than I like myself... I'm kidding, I like myself a lot. But the over-all response to my music and my performing was more than I ever expected and filled me with emotion and inspiration. anyway, it got me to thinking that I could (maybe) do more...

i'm happy, and a little scared, and a little nervous because I think I might actaully do something about it, but I don't know when I'm starting because I don't actually know where to start, but I really do thank all those that supported me, you believed in me before I even did. that was the longest sentence ever... cynthia and corrie are probably cringing... ha ha... well maybe not.

so, does this mean I'm a rockstar? (ha ha... a joke) what would you even call me? I don't even know the style in which I sing and play.... hhmmm... help me out.

I'm a little excited, a little sick and a little over-tired...
(it seems that I'm like that all the time with Nick and I don't know how he hasn't given up on me yet)

that comment was totally out of context. but it's sometimes hard to believe that he still loves me, even though I tell him what he already knows all the time and I constantly make fun of him, and I make him drive halfway across the city to see me all the time and get him to take me out for breakfast, lunch and dinner... and even though he does all that willingly, I still can't believe it, is that what you call love? I mean, not the fact that he's spending all this time and money on me, but the act of sacrifice? I don't know. I just know that I don't deserve it and I'm incredibly lucky to have a guy like him, even though he washes his car too often. I love him. Let it be known. (this is my pookie below, and even though his eyes are closed and my sunglasses are crooked, I still like the picture, mostly becuase it's one of two that I have. Does anybody else have any pictures of us?)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Me: A Crock Pot kind of Gal

Apparently the new thing now is to get married. I mean, not for everyone, but I think I have finally reached the age where this type of occurance happens quite regularily to people that I actaully know. I didn't think I would get here for another few years at least.
Within the last week, two fellow commuters got married (actually I don't know them at all, but I ate lunch with them once...) AND I also heard of THREE couples (most of whom I know personally) who got engaged! I mean, people are always getting engaged and I just happen to attend a Christian college that is well known as a "bridal college", so it's not really that rare. But it's a little weird when you know all the people who are getting hitched. I can't help but feel a little left out. (hee hee...)
I also thought it was weird because all of them are still in school, with one or more years of school left. When did people start getting married while still in shcool? I see it all the time now and it doens't really surprise me, and I'm also not a traditionalist or anything, but don't people usaully wait until after they're done school? And these people are young too! One younger than me and I'm only 20! I heard and seen first hand (and by that I mean seen from a distance my sibiling's marriages) that married life is usually a little bit stressful and busy in the beginning. First getting married, finding a place to live, then buying all the required furnishings and food and such for their new home. But then just think of adding school to that for one or even both of the two getting married. It's almost crazy.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's wrong to get married young, and to the people who do, as well as go to school and work and all that, kudos to you. I guess I just like things to be less busy and less stressful. I would rather wait until I was done school so I could concentrate on a new chapter of life like marriage. Like I said, I'm only 20 and I still have a lot of things to learn about myself, about life, about love and friendship, about responsibility, and more that I'm not even aware of right now. I think it's important to sort these things out for myself before I get someone else involved. Though some of those things can be learned together, a lot of them have to do with self-discovery and independance; basically getting to know yourself and growing up a bit. (the rephrasing was for me, not you)
I guess what I'm trying to say is: what's the rush? I like slow cookers. They take their time, and use the natural juices of the food in which they are cooking to create moistness and flavour and yummy goodness... mmm... Doesn't that sound good?
Taking it slow can be good too.

* I wouldn't recommend taking it as slow as not kissing for the first eight months of a relationship (ha ha, jokes on me), but all those who I had mentioned about getting engaged were infact engaged around 8 months into their relationships. (no joke there)
**while I was looking for pictures of crockpots, I Googled "what do crock pots do?" in Google Images... haha. Try it and look what picture it brings up, #2 of the second row. How random is that?

Friday, October 06, 2006

10 Things you might not know about me: Part 2

1. I'm a procrastinator. (it sucks, but I'm not gonna do anything about it)

2. Halloween is just around the corner which reminds me... I LOVE ROCKETS!! I can eat them until my tongue bleeds... yum... (not the blood, the rockets)

3. I hate conflict with a passion... whenever people are in a big disagreement with eachother, or at odds with one another, my stomach starts churning... it's not a great thing.

4. My short term memory sucks. (well sometimes just my memory in general sucks)

5. I love this one drink at Starbucks Coffee so much... it's called a Blackberry, Green Tea Frappuccino. oh it's so delicious. (the only downer is that it costs over 4 dollars... but I splurge sometimes, it's worth it)

6. I'm a nail biter... and I bad one too. It bites... literally.

7. I love brushing my teeth so much, sometimes I brush them three times a day. But you can't really tell...

8. Spearmint gum gives me a headache and I don't know why. And I also get a small stomach ache if I eat a banana or drink a glass of chocolate milk too fast... it's wierd man.

9. I am very emotional. I mean I cry at anything, although I hide it pretty good.

10. If I shower everyday, it dries out my skin, so I only shower every second to third day. It's acutally healthier to be a little dirty, did you know that? I'm not just making it up to cover my butt, it's true.