Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If I had 1 million dollars...

*I would finish our house (Or I would just buy a new one...)
I would buy Nick a new truck
*I would pay off the visa bill

I would take our whole family back to Egypt
I would hire Ray Lamontagne to do a private house concert
I would invest in some outrageous new product

I would do research and donate big-time to a good charity
I would buy GNF a new facility (Or just pay off debts)
*I would buy a new bicycle

I would buy all my family iPhones (Yes, even the kids...)
I would hire a personal Masseuse/Chiropractor (They would have to be trained in both areas)
*I would probably get another dog (Because I'll have a big yard in the country)

*I would record another CD
I would buy Don Amero a new guitar
*I would renovate the cabin

*I would put money away
I would fund Tom and Nick's mechanic business
*I would help Cor and Daryl find a way to have a bambino

*I would buy the lot next to our family cabin
I would buy that piece of the beach at our cabin
I would go to a big concert once a week

*I would have self sufficient home (Solar panels, geothermal, big garden, cow, chickens...)
I would produce a short film
*I would buy a new wardrobe of clothes

I'm sure I could think of more... What would you do?

* things I think we could actually achieve without a million dollars (or accomplish in the next 10 years)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nap-Time Crafts

Well, I actually wrote this post yesterday (What? Two in one day? What is going on??) I know, I know, but I was really excited to show you what I made!! Aaliyah sleeps a lot during the day. I was a little surprised at how much free time I get when we're at home. And since I can't do any "loud"* things during her naps, I 've been pretty crafty this week!

I started a little craft** that will go in her room upstairs (when it's completed). I like the idea of having her name around so she can learn the letters and have something fun to look at. So I started with this: (the bright napkins are from becky's napkin flowers from her wedding decor)

And ended with this! The little flowers were actually stamped out of our wedding invitations... I can't believe I still had them!

I had some bird templates from my cd release party that worked well for these little pictures. It all came together rather nicely, I think!

I wanted to do these out of fabric, but after I put Aaliyah to sleep one day, I couldn't really go out and get some. I didn't think I would have had everything I needed to complete this, but I guess I'm craftier than I thought I was. Ha. Anyway, I hope to do more of this, it's fun, and quiet and cute!

*she actually sleeps through a lot of stuff; traffic, dog barking, our creaky floors. But I haven't tried the vacuum yet... I probably won't vacuum while she's sleeping :)
**I actually stole the idea from my cousin Carolyn. Thanks!

Insta Parents!

So. Where to begin...

My younger sister Becky starting doing respite for a baby about 5 months ago. She is the cutest little thing. Nick and I fell in love with her instantly. Her name is Aaliyah (I know, crazy spelling, but whatever)

She's been in foster care for the better part of her life now and when she was about 8 months old, we found out that her foster mother would be moving out of the city and could no longer take care of her. With the thought of babies in our future, and knowing conditions she was living in, it was hard to imagine us not taking her in. It was fast, and is still somewhat unpredictable, but we are now responsible for a 10 month, living breathing human being! I mean, most people who have babies get to have that 9 months preparation time. Being thrown into it has really turned our world upside down. But I guess any baby will do that, with prep or not.

It's been hard, emotional, exhausting, fun, exciting and.... well an adventure. And it hasn't even been two weeks! It's a bit scary to think that for the next couple years, there's always a chance she could be placed somewhere else, or taken back by her parents. Although it is unlikely, she's not completely ours. That's hard to deal with sometimes. But while she's in our care, she's our child, our family, and will be loved and treated like so. There's no other way to think about it.
We love her.