Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Time Away...

Nicholas and I were able to get away this Labour Day weekend, without Aali and Neko and without any worries of everyday life. It was fantastic! We talked, and laughed and ate great food and took beautiful walks and lazy drives around Clear Lake and reminisced, and thought about our future... It was a bit like old times when we were dating. We didn't do anything special for our anniversary in June, so this was a "better late than never" celebration trip!

Anyway, here are some pictures of our little trip through Riding Mountain...
Beautiful harvest time fields on the way to Virden
Our first stop, visiting Aunty Jan and Ron
Our destination!

Our "Deluxe" Room

Our view of the stables and park

Sitting on the pier waiting for our ship to come in... haha

The Martese! We went on a dinner cruise...

The cabin inside, complete with a bar!

The beautiful views across Clear Lake

A sweet couple took our picture for us :)

Dinner was fairly good...

And looked amazing!

One of our many walks...

A dock path through the marsh near Clear Lake

It was really cool, even though we didn't see any beavers :(

Back at the resort, the horses were so cool to watch

A look out point we stopped at on our way out of the park going home... It was breath taking. 

We had a wonderful time! I think it was actually better than our honeymoon!