Monday, June 23, 2008

5 DAYS!!!!

I woke with a start this morning with OH MY GOSH! WE ONLY HAVE FIVE DAYS!?!

IS there something I'm forgetting about? I Feel like I'm going to forget something...

Anyway, as soon as my sleepiness wore off, I was okay again. I keep experiencing little bits of anxiousness and it stresses me out. But what ever. It was expected.

Nick and I are actually really happy right now. I thought that I would be stressed out and then he would be less patient with me because I was stressed out, but it's the opposite. He's been a real sweetheart lately, which puts my anxiousness at peace. I love him....

okay enough sappiness, I know...

Well, that's about how I've been feeling all week, so hopefully it continues. This will probably be my last post before the wedding. This is my only slack day this week; tomorrow it's my Grandma's birthday and Becky's Dinner and Dance for Grad, then Wednesday is Bec's convication, and then Thursday we start with the wedding prep. The week will fly by, I'm sure.

So, for those of you travelling to our wedding, I'm praying for safety and looking forward to seeing everyone! I'm really excited, and the weather this week looks amazing! Bring your sunscreen! and see you all IN FIVE DAYS!!! (or sooner :)

This painting was painted by a turtle. It's called "New Beginnings". And seeing as I'm about to have a 'new beginning' I can relate to it.... (ya right..)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One step closer!!

So we found an apartment!! It looked like we time traveled to the late 70's walking into the place, but it's not bad for a first apartment (and hopefully the only one).

Anyway, a great load was lifted off mine and Nick's shoulders today when we signed those papers. It's not easy finding an apartment right now in Winnipeg and we were cutting it pretty close by not pinning one down at this point in time. But it's all over now, and we couldn't have found one if it wasn't for the great help we had (you know who you are, F and A...) thanks :)

We get possesion on July 1st, but we might actually be able to move our stuff in a few days before the wedding, which would really be great. So if anyone wants to help move us in... I'll let you know when.

I think Nick and I are off to a great start. We have awesome families, who are supporting us like crazy, and great friends who are helping us take our first step to our new lives together. I was a little stressed out the last couple of days, but I just had to remind myself that I'm definitely not alone in my worries.

Thanks to all who remind me to breath and have fun :)
And thanks Nicholas for all your love and patience.

This is a quilt!! Isn't it amazing?? I just thought is was so suiting...

Monday, June 09, 2008

It's been a while...

... and I'm due for a post.

I guess I have come to the conclusion that I am not a true blogger, but whatever. It's the lat thing on my priority list these days...

Anyway... I've had couple of busy past months, and now I'm doing nothing!

I worked for two and a half months, during which my Grandpa died and my Grandma moved into our house, as well as trying to start planning a wedding... I know I'm a bit of a sucky, but this was all a little bit stressful. So I gave up my job to plan a wedding and help my mom at home(which, I regret to say, hasn't been that much) for the last month I live at home.

That's kind of where I am now. It's been kind of a weird, good time.

So, the wedding planning is well on it's way, but we still don't have a place to live. We need to get on that. This post had been kind of all over the place, but I'll be more fluid...

It's raining right now, and it's not quite summer yet, so here's a painting called "spring rain" by Beth Robinson