Wednesday, January 31, 2007

wednesday, wednesday, wednesday! my day off, out for breakfast, chat with my new bank manager "Cheryl", and a date with my nicholas. this day off gets a 9/10 (only due to the slight awkwardness during the conversation with my new bank manager "Cheryl")

anyway, here is the monet painting for wednesday
(I tried to find the name of the piece but couldn't
find it anywhere... but I like it so much cause it
reminds me of my sisters)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

tuesday's painting "The Highway Bridge at Argenteuil"

Monday, January 29, 2007

week of monet

this is monday's painting called "Sunset in Venice"

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

little to none

I don't have much to blog about today,
but I woke up to the snow falling ever
so gently, and it was beautiful and quiet
and started my day off wonderfully.

oddly enough, yesterday my day was
started off with laughter. I don't know
if she felt the same way, but me and
Becky shared a laugh, and I'm not used
to laughing in the morning, but I should
do it more often becuase I was unusually
happy all day. I hope she was too.

here's a picture that'll make you laugh...

Monday, January 15, 2007

ahhh...brings back memories...

painful memories, but good ones.

thanks cynthia!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

a little bit random and out of place.

that's how I would describe myself if someone asked me right now.
(becky put it so nicely yesterday, I thought I'd use it)

so anyway, I wrote this song last night, and the piano part
is like nothing I've ever written before.
kind of a mash between Rufus's 'Moulin Rouge'
and one of the themes from Amelie.
but it's pretty cool. I'll play it for you sometime...

(and I've never actually done this before, but I wrote
this song with the pure intention of being for someone.
nicholas, it's completely about you and for you with
love from me!)

It’s You

I watched you the other day
And you didn’t know it
All other things faded away
And left you and me
And I fell in love with you

I watched as you laughed and smiled
With those around you
You stood facing me with
Messy hair and blue jeans
Then you caught my eye and smiled

It’s your smile that melts me
It’s your tears that break me
It’s your arms that take me in
It’s your voice that calms me
It’s your love that holds me
It’s you, it’s you that makes me whole

Monday, January 08, 2007

first day back to school? piece of angel food cake.

Well, this morning I woke up at 9:30 a.m,
made myself some breakfast,
vacuumed the house,
(crap! forgot to water the plants!!)
ran a few errands,
(double crap!! forgot to put the vacuum away!)
then waited for Eric to pick me up for
my first day of school, which consists of
one class starting at 3:20 pm.
easiest first day back ever.

anyway, this is one of my favourite Waterhouse
paintings called the Rose.

Friday, January 05, 2007

my babysitting de-briefing

for the last three days I babysat/hung out with kids from church, as well as earned money for the europe trip, and it was actaully more fun than I thought it was going to be. I looked after the Peters girls (Amy and Jasmine) and with the giganti pile of snow on the cove near my house we dug a huge fort. I did most of the digging and pooped myself out, but it was fun otherwise, and I remembered what it was like to be a small kid again. and then felt it again the next day when I saw three girls about amy's age on top of the destructed fort the next day, laughing and throwing pieces of it around... ugh... I didn't think I was going to take it so hard, but I was actaully hurt by all my hard work one to waste. but, there will be more forts in the future.

the next two days following this I looked after the Laurendeau's girls (Nicki, Julie and Maddy) which was fun as well. in highschool I used to babysit Nicki and Julie every thursday night for about a year (maybe more) so I got to know them really well then. but they have really grown up since then, and it threw me off a bit at how I now had to be there friend, not a grown up looking after them. it was wierd, but I got over it. We played in the snow together, made pancakes and went skating and to a movie.

And I think I realized within the last three days, that I don't think I could do this all the time. I mean I was wasted everynight when I got home, and I'm really not used to looking after kids, I used to do it almost every weekend in junior high and highschool (well not every weekend, but often enough) Now it's about once or twice a year... but I seriously had enough baby sitting in the month of December for all of 2006 ( I babysat Abbi too, before christmas which was interesting and funny) and it was fun while it lasted, but it's nice not to babysit too.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

christmas is still going!

I got this really awesome cd this christmas.
it makes me feel good, and there are only a
few that really do that for me. I also got
some new shirts, good ones. very pleased.
I was also given a necklace with a moon
stone in it by someone who loves me very
much, and it atually shines a different
colour when in diferent light.

and then I after christmas I went to Pine
Wood Lodge with the Postma's and Oost's
and Visser's; it was amazing. very relaxing
and enjoyable, and finally cold.

and just last week I tried snowmobiling for
the first time, and it was awesome! I wasn't
really sure if I'd like it or not, but I did, and
I want to do it again! soon! anyway, it was
kind of something I was a little afraid of, but
now I'm not anymore, so yay for me!

and this was the first christmas that I was
sick for nearly all of it... kind of poopey, but
it made me apprciated everything more,
like smell and taste and good sleeping...

so back to school in a few days, and no more
laziness. I'm looking forward to it.