Thursday, May 17, 2007


I caved... I thought I was never going to have a myspace... but low and behold.... i have one.

and you will all be happy, because I put my music on it.

oh and Tina, you can finally here that song I wrote for Nicholas
it's the first one that will play!

hope you all enjoy it! more to come!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim, Nice songs that you have on your My Space.
I will make sure that Aunt Tena hears them.

U John

Linda said...


pamero said...

Yes. That is awesome.
Now could you please 'add me' so that I can be your friend and comment on EVERYTHING you do on the internet?!?!?! Thanks. Nice space.

Linda said...

Are the rumours (about folk fest) true? Please, tell us!