Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Date

I think Nicholas and I have actually set a date for our wedding. We had kind of settled on June 2008 as the month, but now a day has been selected! Yay. June 28, 2008. I think that is a nice date. Nick nodded when I asked him, so I guess that means he's alright with it...

If you are reading this you'll probably be invited, so book your calendars now! Yay.

On a different and more of a "feel sorry for myself" note, I don't know how many of you know but I have been having lower back trouble for a while, starting with a couple of slipped discs that started to pinch my sciatic nerve. That injury was well on it's way to being healed, when I thought a canoe trip would do me some good. It was a great trip, but not as "good" for me as I thought.

So, I came home with a badly pinched sciatic nerve with pain and numbness all the way down my left leg. I know, wah wah wah.... But anybody who has ever had trouble with their sciatic nerve will be sympathetic to me.


When I went to my chiropractor for the second injury of the summer, he looked me up and down as I gimped into the room and said, "You've really done it this time, haven't you?" Thanks. Thanks a lot. He then preceeded to tell me I was too young for this to happen to me, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, it's still numb, and I have no movement in my two smallest toes on my left foot. This is very frustrating. I do actaully feel like a Gimp. Becky has taken to calling me Gimpy and I'm pretty okay with it. Some days are better than others, I don't feel that much pain anymore, but the limp in my every step is just a constant reminder that I actaully am a Gimp...

I'm doing everything the doctors told me to do; taking anti-inflamitories, do daily stretches and just trying to keep positive. With these things in place, recovery time is any where from months to over a year. Yay... : ( not really) Although, I haven't been praying about it. I don't know why not, it just seems like it's going to get better. Simple-mindedness must really frustrate God. But I would like to ask for prayer for healing, even if it's just once and a while when you remeber. I would really appreciate it. I will try and do he same.

So, the "feel sorry for myself" part was longer than I expected... But none the less this was a better bloggy blog than most.


Michele said...

hey! that's OUR wedding date. INDEED a good choice. the weather should be fabulous, the flowers in full bloom.

concerning the back: it DOES suck. prayer is good.

Lindsay said...

Hey Kim,

My Aunt has been having issues with her sciatic nerve and the doctors told her that it would take about a year for it to get better but it has actually taken much less time then that! She did what your doing, the stretching and the antinflamatories (SP??) and the taking it easy so as not to injure oneself any further and it seemed to have paid off! I'm sure you will improve quite quickly!
Congratulations again on your upcoming nuptuals.

Take Care

Larissa said...

WOOHOO!!! It's an even better date because James and I can come! I'm so excited. Hope everything is going good, and we'll (or just me) will probably see you sometime beginning of next year!

corrie said...

But you're such a cute gimp!

Do we get bonus points or a special prize or something if we've already been praying? I mean, I'm just curious if there's some kind of reward system for, like, number of hours completed by the time you feel better. Anything? You should think about *that* as an incentive! You could call it Kim's sciatic nerve pray-a-thon. Have a bunch of phones, some smarmy guest hosts and you, walking around like a gimp to muster up some sympathy. Wow. I'm already feeling more sorry for you.

kimberlalee said...

Hey Corrie!
I was jsut wondering if you wanted to be the smarty guest host of my new pray-a-thon?