Thursday, October 11, 2007

it just happens to be a thursday... and it sucks.

Getting up out of bed is becoming increasingly harder every morning. I got up today and the sun hadn't risen yet, and when it is still dark out and I have to wake up and start my day I basically have to convince myself every minute that it actaully is morning and I need to start doing something to get ready for the day even thought it looks like it's midnight and I should be in bed. I hate this time of year only for that reason, so much so that I would write a crazy run-on sentance and not even care what Cynthia or Corrie think of it.

When the frick does the time change happen now?
This time change thing is stupid.
I wish I lived in Saskatchewan.
I'm grumpy today.
And I'm hungry.


beckster said...

You dork. If we didn't have the time change then you would be complaining because when you get up at 9:00am the sun still wouldn't have risen. The time change is a good thing. Appriciate it, and stop complaining. I have to get up everyday before the sun rises.

pamero said...

Okay, I half agree with becky, the other half with kim.
I have to get up before 8 am on Saturday and have been dreading it for a month.
That's right: I am a suck.

kimberlalee said...

oh becky.... if you only thought before you typed...
there is a time change two times a year. that means if we were to just leave our darn clocks alone, everything would be swell, hense the saskatchewan comment!

beckster said...

I know that Kim. You are still a dork, read what I said again and pretend to be a smart person, maybe then you'll understand it.