Monday, November 05, 2007

Ha Ha! I have conquered!

So, for all of you who didn't see me crying about this at church, I have lessened my load at school and feel about 88.7 times better than I did before. And just to clear up a little confusion, I didn't quit school altogether, I just dropped two out of the six I was taking, which is why I have the feeling of conquering something.... my own stubborness.

I don't feel that my decision is taking the "easy way out", on the contrary, actaully. I need to finish this degree in my own time, with the skills God has given me. I was lacking energy, and motivation and love for school, and I am just really tired of being at Prov. for so long; 3 and a half years (for someone who doesn't really enjoy "school") at this college is getting to me, and I need a break.

And on the brighter side, I have a wedding to plan! and songs to write! and music services to organize. All things to which I have passion and love and joy for! So why not do those things now? when they are so prominant in my life? School can wait for me, and I can wait for it. The thought of having a piece of paper with my accomplishments on it is cool, but for now I have most those accomplishments up here (I'm pointing to my head)!

So that's it. I feel great! and it's a Monday... go figure...

I think I'm happy.


Linda said...

Way to go! And I love the painting.

Heather said...

I really appreciated what you said in church on Sunday - about not chasing God's will quite so vigourously and letting him/her find you instead. I have to keep re-learning that too.

Peace to you.

A. Tena said...

Amen to that! You go girl! How are the wedding plans coming along?