Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I forGOT about BLOGGING!!!

haha... wow.

I'm really not a great blogger. I signed up on Facebook recently, and between that and mine and Nick's 4 combined emails... I keep myself too busy on the computer... so sorry.

Well life is much the same as I left off. I have recently joined Don Amero as a back-up singer. I guess that is new. We toured western Canada, showcased at a couple of festivals. That was pretty fun, but tiring. I'm glad to be home, with Nick and doing silly mundane things like cleaning. I really like to clean, when I get into it. But it's something I can just get into and not think about. So usually there isn't that much of a mess. (this is not always true, I have my moments!)

So that's it. I'm really happy right now, and busy, and fighting a cold, but that's life.


Anonymous said...

i didi hte same thing when i joined facebook too

irene wind schloss

Aunt Tena said...

Good to hear from you.

pamero said...

Kim blogged again!
Now if she'll just share her exciting stories from the road!

terrysgirl said...

nice to see a new blog. speaking as one of your road stories. i would love to hear a couple as well.
live life! :)

Anonymous said...

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