Friday, February 03, 2012

February?? Already!?

2012 is flying by. Why is that? When I was younger, years seemed like AGES of time. Now they fly by, the next one faster than the last. I know a lot happened last year, but it's like it all happened last week. I want to slow down. I did slow down... for 7 days... I think Time actually slowed down. And it was lovely.

Cuba was am-A-zing, and relaxing and warm. Everything we needed. (Well not "needed", but whatever :) It was hard to get back into the swing of things, but I do like home too.
One of my Opa's said something like, "Once you get that Florida sand between your toes, you're hooked". I could say the same for Cuba. Can't wait to go back there. (Or somewhere like it!)

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pamero said...

Mmmm, sometimes when it's all minus 30 out, I come sit in the sun at the window by the computer and look at this picture and I can almost feel the warm sand between my toes... in a totally non creepy way. Oscar likes this picture too. He just stares at it all seriously. Like he's peeved that we didn't take him there. Sorry buddy! Next time! (ps-I'll take more pictures anytime!)