Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life and Death

When someone dies, I think it's natural to start to see death all around us. The children in poor countries, the newest natural disaster, we all know someone who's lost a grandparent or parent. It can be pretty depressing. The media seems to thrive on updating us on deaths, or close to death experiences. I haven't quite figured that out. But on the other hand, there is Life.

I have an uncle who's heart stopped just over a week ago today. But he was miraculously revived with help from his wife and paramedics. He's made an amazing recovery and is now at home! I think it's a miracle. And personally, think it should have made at least the local news but I guess it's not big enough news for them.

For me, on the other hand, it's changed my world! I've started to see life everywhere! Our little monkey babbling away with a smile, the thousands of people bustling around the city, my Grandma and Mother talking about the good ol' times. I'm surrounded by life and living things and it makes me enjoy mine so much more. Death has it's place, but I'm thankful for life today. Life should be celebrated!


Terry's Girl said...

thank you for the reminder Kim.

Court said...

I've been following Wes' progress on the facebook page and it is truly amazing! Worth celebrating for sure!!