Friday, October 06, 2006

10 Things you might not know about me: Part 2

1. I'm a procrastinator. (it sucks, but I'm not gonna do anything about it)

2. Halloween is just around the corner which reminds me... I LOVE ROCKETS!! I can eat them until my tongue bleeds... yum... (not the blood, the rockets)

3. I hate conflict with a passion... whenever people are in a big disagreement with eachother, or at odds with one another, my stomach starts churning... it's not a great thing.

4. My short term memory sucks. (well sometimes just my memory in general sucks)

5. I love this one drink at Starbucks Coffee so much... it's called a Blackberry, Green Tea Frappuccino. oh it's so delicious. (the only downer is that it costs over 4 dollars... but I splurge sometimes, it's worth it)

6. I'm a nail biter... and I bad one too. It bites... literally.

7. I love brushing my teeth so much, sometimes I brush them three times a day. But you can't really tell...

8. Spearmint gum gives me a headache and I don't know why. And I also get a small stomach ache if I eat a banana or drink a glass of chocolate milk too fast... it's wierd man.

9. I am very emotional. I mean I cry at anything, although I hide it pretty good.

10. If I shower everyday, it dries out my skin, so I only shower every second to third day. It's acutally healthier to be a little dirty, did you know that? I'm not just making it up to cover my butt, it's true.


ccap said...

Mmmmm, Rockets.

Anonymous said...

#8. Tea (not herbal) gives me a stomach ache. If I drink 2 cups, I could puke without trying too hard.
#10. I don't think I've ever "smelled" you so stick to your every-other-day shower.