Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I love the little things in life(good or bad), like...

going out with friends
the awkwardness of running into old friends
watching people change
drivers waving thankyou after you let them infront of you

drivers flipin' you the bird when you don't let them infront of you
driving someone else's car

eating great food
making great food
going out for great food
watching cooking shows

putting on clean socks
seeing laundry hanging on a clothes line
wearing pj's fresh out of the dryer
clothes that are in the dryer too long that kind of smell burnt

watching a movie on a cold day with blankets and hot chocolate and sisters
paying too much at the movie theartre to see a stupid movie
renting movies and then forgetting to return them
watching a movie too many times

finding out you have more time than you think
spending time doing something you don't really want to do

having a dumb song stuck in your head for days

trying on clothes you know you won't ever purchase
getting hand-me-downs
wearing out your favourite pair of jeans
making a new outfit out of old clothes

laughing so hard you cry
the silence after a bad joke
being able to laugh at yourself
laughing in the wrong place at the wrong time


Michele said...

but if you laugh at the wrong place at the wrong time, wouldn't that make it right?

pamero said...

I heard this guy who said that people who laugh a lot in life have better health, can heal faster, are less stressed out and a whole bunch of other cool things. He also said that if you have the ability to laugh at yourself, these good things only increase. Cool, huh?

kimberlalee said...

okay. so, I was re-reading this blog entry and realized that the third line down says "watching people change". I mean only by this that I enjoy being in someone's life long enough to see personal development and both emotional and spiritual growth in that individual.