Thursday, April 05, 2007

oh boy ohboyohboy...

So, back from Ontario.
Had a great time.
Drank a lot of wine.

Here's me and Nick at the wedding

And here's Nick how I know him


pamero said...

Nicey nice nice.
Looks like funny fun fun.

Anonymous said...

Those are nice pics. So glad you both made it to the wedding. Kim you fit right in.
A. Tena

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim, I really like that picture of you and Nick.
It was great to see you guys at the wedding and it was fun hangin out.
U. John

Linda said...

You two are so photogenic! I haven't seen Nick smile like that since........hmmmmm......probably never. You bring out the best in him. And like my big bro. says, you fit right in.