Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ode to Egg Nog

well more like a farewell...

oh, egg nog.
smooth, creamy egg nog.
i will miss your rich flavour,
and comforting scent.
i will miss the joy you bring me
during this cold and dark winter.
as you sit in the fridge,
longing to be consumed,
i will, with much regret, close that
fridge door and try to live without you.

there will be times, yes, that i can
enjoy your delectable taste,
but one sip here, or one sip there is now
all that i take of your lactose-filled goodness
without having to pay the price
of no tolerance for you....

oh, egg nog!
this is my farewell
to drinking litres of you and enjoying every
last drop.
you will be missed,
but i know that i will one day take the pain
for you;
i will endure the consequences for your
soft, creamy satisfaction,
just to have you once more.

until then, farewell (sniff) egg nog.


Larissa said...

Aww that sucks you can't drink eggnog anymore! Wouldn't you be able to take those pills (that prevents you from being sick...I don't know the name of them) before you drink it?

Linda said...

You've got to put that to music! It almost makes me think that I could like that horrid drink!

Anonymous said...

I thought for sure you had made it into a song. Do it.
A. Tena