Wednesday, November 18, 2009

okay, okAY OKAY!!!!!

So, here it is,

Everything you want to know:

The house is good, we are working on it day by day, piece by piece, and it is slowly coming together. Really can't wait until it is finished... I really want to have an open house, but it's not done, so I feel weird inviting people to my "half-house". One day, one day.... I will have you all over!

I have been doing a lot of gigs with Don lately! This year, I've almost been across Canada with him and it has been busy and good! Edmonton, Calgary (not for music, but there), Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, the Pas, and many other places. It's been amazing to see our great country and even more amazing to be able to spread the goodness of Dons music. And THEN the awards! So fun. I am so bummed out becuase I am usually a really good picture taker, but I was so distracted by bright lights and cameras that I actually forgot to take a picture of MY DRESS!!! I was quite mad at myself, so please, keep your frustrations to yourself. When I get home from my trip, I will dress up, make up hair and all, and take pictures of my dress and me.

Talking about my trip... SO, I'm leaving, early tomorrow actually, first to Saskatoon to see my very VERY good friend Kelsey. We haven't seen eachother for over a year so I'm SUPER excited to see her!!
So from there I fly to Toronto (this will my third trip there this year... crazzzzyy) And there I do another awards show with Don in Hamilton, which will be so FUN! THEN, my dear sisters Corrie and Pam, will fly into Toronto and we will all drive down to NEW YORK together!! Yay!! This is going to be the trip that will go down in history!!! I'm pretty excited. The only down side to this is being away from Nick for three weeks... this has been the theme of 2009. I always leave him and see the world... without him. It's sad. He has, however, started a new job recently, and he's really happy about it. So that should be good. I will miss him a lot.

THEN... I don't know what.. um Thanks to everyone for the comments. They made me feel special, even thoguht they were border line mean... I guess I'll just take what I can get... ha ha.

And Brandon was pretty fun, but I was REALLY tired... My friend Lisa was visiting from Halifax and she opened for us that night. She was so good! I'm glad she came out with us!

So I think that's it. I really will try to post some more.... I have a lot of things to talk about I guess. But I need to make sure people will trust reading my blog again.

Thanks everyone : )
Sometimes I think my life isn't really that intersting, but I know it is.

I'll post some pictures next time!


beckster said...

OH MY GOSH!!! The rumours were true! That was a great post Kimmy, and your life is very exciting! Have a good time with Kels, and see you in a week!

Terry's Girl said...

Good to have you back Kim....NEW YORK!? It has always been a goal of mine..big time.
Have fun and please oh please post pictures of that.

Damero said...

It's been real fun working with you too Kim! You are really fun to be around and despite all my stupid jokes you always laugh and that's make me love having you around! You're a good sis-in-law!

And I love reading new posts!

Bear said...

So they finally broke you hey.....
You sound like you lead a very cool, fun , exciting life.. Keep it up.

corrie said...

Oh my goodnessgosh. I can't believe there's a new post here. And it's so detailed and informative!

: )

pamero said...

Wow. I heard it, but I didn't quite believe it. Nice one Kim Kim! Looking forward to more. Even if they're quick little snippets!

ps-no going to see you know what!!!

Anonymous said...

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