Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saskatoon, the city of bridges...

Or so my father tells me...

Funny story: Kelsey grew up in Moose Jaw, SK , and as far as I know there is no river there. So, she was telling me when, as children they would come to Saskatoon to visit family, and she and her younger twin brother and sister were actually frightened of driving over bridges! haha.. This is funny to me because I grew up in Winnipeg with the Red River and there are plenty of bridges.

That was a GOOD story.

Here are the things we did this week!!

Had A LOTA lattes. haha

Here are some now!

Went to Mendel Art Gallery to see a John Henderson exhibition.
There was also a movie of short stories that we watched...

Here is the movie!

Kelsey trying to be Me. and I was not happy about it. Obviously.

Us cooking together. Mulligatawny Soup. Yum.

Two fish out of water, and weird ones at that.

We tried to be rockstars, but I was wearing sweat pants.

We were being silly.

That's just a little of what we did... we had fun!!!

Thanks for tuning in!!



Terry's Girl said...

Thanks for sharing Kim....Looks like a good time!
I think Ozzy Osborne wears sweat pants on stage if that helps..LOL I would think it doesn't.

Damero said...

How did al those lattes treat you?

kimberlalee said...

they were Soy lattes of course (well at least mine were!)
and they were Fantastic!!

beckster said...

Ha ha ha, I don't have much to say other than that. But I enjoyed this post. Keep 'em coming tootsie butt! (I don't know where tootsie butt came from just there, but I feel it is 100% appropriate. Nice sweats bee tee doubs.)

See ya in a few!

corrie said...

I'm so proud of you for drinking soy. Sniff (blink back a tear) And your blog is just so enjoyable these days. (wipe my eyes) I'm just so sniff happy you're part of blogland again. (going to get a kleenex)

pamero said...

Oooh, fun pictures! Pam's favourite? Definitely Kelsey being you...she's doing such a good job in that shot! And you're 'annoyed' face is pretty cute too! See you sooN!

Anonymous said...

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