Friday, November 25, 2011

I Will Try Again

I read some of my old blogs recently and when I finished reminiscing, I realized it has been a year and a half since my last post. I thought that was sad until I realized that nothing has really changed since that blog... We are still working on our house, Neko is still maturing, I'm still not quite sure if I'll take my music to the next step... and I'm STILL working at that cafe.

But, even though it is getting colder outside, and we are only just heading into long winter months, I still feel a new life of blogging ahead of me. And I ambeing a little dramatic; a lot did happen in the last year. A marriage, a pregnancy, a CD release.... There is and will be lots to blog about! And I have missed my "Ode's To..." So in honour of my new found blogging and the Christmas season approaching (and the special day that it is) here is:

An Ode To Black Friday

Oh, shops, full of stuff
full of people running wild
Did you forget what you were looking for
when you stepped on that child?
Or was that flat screen TV the best of all deals?
I only hope you can afford all your coming Christmas meals.
It sickens me to see all this stuff we think we need
and that a "lady" will fight
and pepper spray will proceed
hair pulling and screaming just to get that "special" thing
I don't want any part of it
No more gadgets that go 'bing'!
I only hope that this Christmas we'll remember what we should
People we love, food that is shared, laughing with friends
All things good.
Oh, black friday,
we know you mean well
but you come straight from he-- Oops!

Happy Christmas Shopping everyone!!


Mom said...

Yah, welcome back Kim! Now I have another blog to comment on.:) Loved you Ode to Black Friday and your post about Christmas season has me looking forward to our family time together once again. Thanks for getting me into a bit of a Christmas mood. :) I am also alistening to Christmas music today . Wish we were all together to sing along. We will do so on Baking Day :)

Court said...

Welcome back

Terry's Girl said...

I keep saying and thinking how much i want to get back into it too. I miss it. Glad your back!
Ditto to your ode.

Anonymous said...

nice! i like this new blog look too!

-pam :)