Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Baby OPA

My older sister Pam and brother in law Don had their first child one week ago today. He is a healthy boy, born at 6:51am Nov 30, 7lbs 6oz, 20 inches long and his name is Oscar Peter Amero :)

As I'm sitting at the computer and thinking back a week ago to this minute, I was in a very, very different setting, with emotional highs and lows, tired and hungry and worrying. Right now I'm warm and comfy and looking forward to lounging around tonight. All this week I had flashbacks of, well a lot of gross stuff, and beautiful stuff. Watching my sister give birth was one of the most interesting and beautiful things I think I've ever seen, although, the images my mind captured that day would tell you otherwise...

I was liking the idea of having a baby, thinking that this year would be the year Nicholas and I would try for one. Well, after this experience I think I might put that on hold... Haha. But seriously, it's probably going to take me longer to recover from this than Pam. But that's a whole other blog topic. For now there are enough babies going around to satisfy my cravings, and I'm sure I'll be ready when the right time comes.

So to Pam and Don: Congratulations on a beautiful boy. He came into this world in a dramatic entrance (got that from his dad...) And he's already the joy of all our lives. He's even got Nicholas swooning over him :) I can't wait to see him again, and again, and again.....

ps. I'm going to let Pam post pictures of her son first. Only seems fair.

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pamero said...

Awww, Oscar does love his Aunty
Kim. We are all so grateful for all the help and love you gave us over the last month. Post all the pictures (of Oscar) you want!