Wednesday, July 04, 2012


I've been wanting to do it for a while now, so I booked a consult at the tattoo studio down the street for my birthday. It was only a two month wait, and that two months seemed to fly by!
I got a tattoo of the Holy Spirit dove. I always loved the idea that God sent a part of himself to be with us after Jesus ascended. "God with us" is what runs through my mind when I picture the symbol of the dove.

This was my inspiration image

And this is my finished tattoo!
The inspiration image was a little bit too serious looking, so I like how my tattoo artist made it a bit 'lighter'. And I'm very happy with it. While I was cleaning it this morning I was afraid it was going to wash off, but then I realized it's gonna be there forever. And then I Laughed Out Loud.


corrie said...

Bravo (or as I recently learned- for a woman you say) Brava!

It's beautiful...How much did it hurt?

pamero said...

Looks great...and even better in person!

Court said...

Nice! I've been itching to get another tattoo lately... your post isn't helping. lol

mmichele said...