Friday, December 07, 2012

The Family Dog

Neko. We've had her as a part of our family for over 3 years now. It's hard to believe, really. Sometimes it feels like longer, especially this last month. The picture captures how we all (Nick, Neko, myself) feel about our current situation.

Neko has an abscess in her neck that was a result of stick-in-throat incident earlier this year. After the stick thing, her throat swelled up really bad, she went on anti-biotics, it got better, then a small abscess formed, then turned into a big one, then started draining itself... THEN she started scratching. And it got real bad.
She had surgery on it almost a month ago, and I can only laugh, and cry and laugh again when I think about how much this dog has been through. She's luckier than most people in the world... HOW DID IT COME TO THIS??!?!?
And the worst thing is, after the surgery the surgeon told us he didn't think he got all of the stick out, which has proven to be true. We are basically back at square one, and may have to do it all over again.
But, I don't know if we should. Nick absolutely loves her. He has already told me he doesn't want to give her up. I, on the other hand, don't want to give up my vacation money. I mean, I love the stupid dog, but how much do we have to sacrifice for her to just be healthy?? Again, HOW did it come to this?!
Half of me wants to be a responsible pet owner (and because she is a part of our little family) and do what's "right" in our crazy society: get the tests done to find the stupid stick, and get rid of it.
Then the other half of me wants to find a family who would love her, who have a big yard somewhere and who have $$$$ laying around and want to fix her all up.
Do I want to give up? Or do I want to be practical? Is this some kind of a lesson we are being taught? Or is it just that sometimes we makes dumb decisions in life, then we have to live with the consequences?
All this over a stupid dog we came to care so much about. It's not her fault......
I still don't know what to do.


Larissa Smith said...

oh man... we've spent no money on our dog (yet, fingers crossed we won't have to). our cat however...sheesh. I'll be spending lots more on our cat if need be. We've invested so much already. Good luck deciding!

Court said...

That's a difficult spot to be in.

Maybe you could do a benefit concert or a social to raise some funds. I'd totally support a cause like that.

I hope you find complete peace as you make the tough decision.

Terry's Girl said...

I agree with Court, Im in on the support team...its a tough decision for a family.