Monday, September 25, 2006

day dreaming at night...

He kissed her forehead as she sighed, it had been a long day. Enjoyable, exciting and fun, but long. They were both exhausted and ready to sleep, but she, without warning, propped herself up on one elbow and looked him in the eyes with a serious yet playful smile.
"Are you afraid of talking about marriage?" she asked, still smiling.
Slightly taken aback, he looked across the room to ponder this suddenly, off-topic question. After a minute, while she stared intently at him waiting for an answer, he shook his head "No", which made her smile even more. He had noticed that she smiled a lot and he loved that about her.
"No", he finally said aloud. "Why? Do you want to get married?"
She giggled at this, a little embarrassed but otherwise happy that he could talked about it comfortably. What a silly question, she thought, of course I want to get married.
"Well, maybe someday", was her reply. But then she added, "Do you think you'll marry me ?"
And almost without any hesitation he asked her, "Well, why wouldn't I?"
"I don't know", was the only automatic phrase that her shocked brain would let her voice. To be truthful, she had never thought about it before. Why shouldn't he marry her?
And then something changed. She didn't know what. Maybe it was the tone in his voice that seemed different to her, or the unplanned conversation. It could have been the position of the moon for all she knew, but it was neither awkward or uncomfortable, it was just... different. She wondered if he had noticed it too, but the silence suddenly reminded her that she hadn't answered his question.
"I haven't thought up a good reason yet!" she grinned, only half joking. But he just laughed and held her closer.


Michele said...


wish MY life read like a romance novel!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. is that real life?