Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oh Valentine's Day...

Well. What can I say? I'm wearing pink and red today; two colours I wouldn't usually wear together on a normal day, but I am festive.

So, this year I am glad to say that I am doing well in the "love department" (oh puke, I can't believe I just typed that... oh well, I'm not going to hit the backspace button a million times...)
But, four years ago today (for some reason or another) I remember being alone all Valentine's Day night. It was sad. And I was sad and alone, and the only thing I could do was sit down with my old eighty-eight key friend and express my sadness... I think this is was came out of it:

sitting alone in my empty house
with nothing to do
waiting on someone who never calls
why would you?

there's nothing for you here
you saw that first
sitting alone in my empty house
with nothing to do...

Anyway... I sure captured that moment. ha. good times.

But now that I'm in love I'm sure if anything comes out of me today it will be happy and all lovey-dovey, blah, blah, blah... I'm not even doing anything special tonight with Nick, I think we're watching a movie. yay. I might get some chocolates. We'll probably eat them all. yum.

Happy Valentine's Day!


pamero said...

Correction: You'll probably eat them all. ;p

corrie said...

You don't get to take things back like "love department." Once you say it it's out there and we all know a little bit more about the real you and how you think.

There's no "oh puke" -ing it away.

Nice try, though.

kimberlalee said...

oh shut up