Friday, February 23, 2007

week by restless week

so, one week ago today I was feeling awfully sorry for myself and felt time passing ever so slowly. but then when I checked my blog for comments I found that it has been a whole weeks since my last post and found it interesting that in my real life time can feel just s l o w. but in the sweet, unrealistic and carefree world of blogging time has passed quite quickly. something I have a hard time understanding...

but thinking ahead to next friday, I will be in a state of complete bliss and carefreeness and relaxation; reading week. ahhh.... just the though of it makes me happy... almost serene. I don't think I have ever felt this way about a spring break before. I hope I don't pump it up so much and then dissapoint myself when it comes and it doens't live up to my expectations... I have to be careful. but my change of mind from last friday to today and thinking about next friday is surprising, and lifts my spirits.

but now I know I am just experiencing the "TGIF" feeling, and it will wear off tomorrow, when I remember all the homework to be done and things to catch up on... yes... tomorrow will be sad. But tonight. Tonight I will forget about my academic life and do whatever the crap I want. HA!

that's how I rebel.
this is my feel good painting for friday.
to get the full effect let the first song play while looking at the painting:

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pamero said...

TRAUC-Nice painting. I really like it.