Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nap-Time Crafts

Well, I actually wrote this post yesterday (What? Two in one day? What is going on??) I know, I know, but I was really excited to show you what I made!! Aaliyah sleeps a lot during the day. I was a little surprised at how much free time I get when we're at home. And since I can't do any "loud"* things during her naps, I 've been pretty crafty this week!

I started a little craft** that will go in her room upstairs (when it's completed). I like the idea of having her name around so she can learn the letters and have something fun to look at. So I started with this: (the bright napkins are from becky's napkin flowers from her wedding decor)

And ended with this! The little flowers were actually stamped out of our wedding invitations... I can't believe I still had them!

I had some bird templates from my cd release party that worked well for these little pictures. It all came together rather nicely, I think!

I wanted to do these out of fabric, but after I put Aaliyah to sleep one day, I couldn't really go out and get some. I didn't think I would have had everything I needed to complete this, but I guess I'm craftier than I thought I was. Ha. Anyway, I hope to do more of this, it's fun, and quiet and cute!

*she actually sleeps through a lot of stuff; traffic, dog barking, our creaky floors. But I haven't tried the vacuum yet... I probably won't vacuum while she's sleeping :)
**I actually stole the idea from my cousin Carolyn. Thanks!


Court said...

Good work! I'm going to have to hire you once I start decorating Trin's room! :)

corrie said...

Those are so great! I love them!

My favourite kind of crafts, using what you have on hand to make something beautiful!

Pat said...

Loved your pics and the crafts are so cute. I showed them to some of the ladies and they all thought they were great and you were sooo talented :) They all loved Aaliyah . I can't wait to come home and help you with her and go walking with you and her. We could take Grandma in her wheelchair and Aaliyah in her stroller. :)

pamero said...

Holy cute, Batman!

A. Tena said...

You are so cute!