Thursday, March 15, 2012

Insta Parents!

So. Where to begin...

My younger sister Becky starting doing respite for a baby about 5 months ago. She is the cutest little thing. Nick and I fell in love with her instantly. Her name is Aaliyah (I know, crazy spelling, but whatever)

She's been in foster care for the better part of her life now and when she was about 8 months old, we found out that her foster mother would be moving out of the city and could no longer take care of her. With the thought of babies in our future, and knowing conditions she was living in, it was hard to imagine us not taking her in. It was fast, and is still somewhat unpredictable, but we are now responsible for a 10 month, living breathing human being! I mean, most people who have babies get to have that 9 months preparation time. Being thrown into it has really turned our world upside down. But I guess any baby will do that, with prep or not.

It's been hard, emotional, exhausting, fun, exciting and.... well an adventure. And it hasn't even been two weeks! It's a bit scary to think that for the next couple years, there's always a chance she could be placed somewhere else, or taken back by her parents. Although it is unlikely, she's not completely ours. That's hard to deal with sometimes. But while she's in our care, she's our child, our family, and will be loved and treated like so. There's no other way to think about it.
We love her.


Anonymous said...

Is that a tv remote she has in her hands in the last shot? I think you've got this parenting thing all figured out already. :-)


Court said...

She's so cute! I can't wait to meet her!

mmichele said...

AHHH!! She looks so cute and happy! And I love the name craft, too.

corrie said...

What a sweetheart she is!

Welcome to the Van Aertselaer/Oost Family, Ali! (Aali?)

We love you so much already!

pamero said...

Oh, you wee little monkey! You're so cute! And we love you too, ali! ha ha, j/k