Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If I had 1 million dollars...

*I would finish our house (Or I would just buy a new one...)
I would buy Nick a new truck
*I would pay off the visa bill

I would take our whole family back to Egypt
I would hire Ray Lamontagne to do a private house concert
I would invest in some outrageous new product

I would do research and donate big-time to a good charity
I would buy GNF a new facility (Or just pay off debts)
*I would buy a new bicycle

I would buy all my family iPhones (Yes, even the kids...)
I would hire a personal Masseuse/Chiropractor (They would have to be trained in both areas)
*I would probably get another dog (Because I'll have a big yard in the country)

*I would record another CD
I would buy Don Amero a new guitar
*I would renovate the cabin

*I would put money away
I would fund Tom and Nick's mechanic business
*I would help Cor and Daryl find a way to have a bambino

*I would buy the lot next to our family cabin
I would buy that piece of the beach at our cabin
I would go to a big concert once a week

*I would have self sufficient home (Solar panels, geothermal, big garden, cow, chickens...)
I would produce a short film
*I would buy a new wardrobe of clothes

I'm sure I could think of more... What would you do?

* things I think we could actually achieve without a million dollars (or accomplish in the next 10 years)


Mom said...

I wish you did have a million dollars. How does it sound to you if I say I will PRAY for it to be God's will?
Lets do some of the list things you have marked with an * , OK :)

Linda said...

I'd hire a maid.