Friday, May 04, 2012

Birthday Happy

Well, seeing as that last post was pretty depressing, I decided a pick-me-up was in order. And what a pick-me-up my birthday was! I turned 26 on May 2, and I thought 25 (it being a quater of a century and all) was a big deal, apparently everyone else was surprised and even disbelieved I was 26, my father included...

Anyway, I actually didn't have plans for my birthday. My husband, love him to death, didn't plan anything for me until later in the day, so I thought I'd be spending time at home with the little monkey, just me and her. But by noon I had a sitter, I was booked at Ten Spa for a pedi, and Nicholas decided birthday  sushi would be good. We ended off the day with out weekly bible study with a few young adults from church, who surprised me with cake and flowers and a hand-made card. It was wonderful.

It ended up being one of the best birthdays I could ask for! I guess the unexpectedness of it all was a gift in itself. So, I decided to take a few pics to commemorate it all...

My pedicure! The nail polish was actually called "happy birthday"
Thanks again Chels!
Feeling very refreshed, beautiful and happy after the steam room and pedi :)

On the way home from the spa, Chelsea and I stopped at Danier
to buy this bag I've always wanted.
Nicholas and I went to Yuki Sushi on Main st. DE-lish!

These are my beautiful flowers.

And some yummy cake!

I also had a family birthday supper last night, and that was the best! Nothing like being surrounded by the people you love. I'm a bit birthday happy :)


pamero said...

And you're a bit birthday sweet. Wait, you're sweet all the time! It's always fun to celebrate with you Kim Kim. Happy 26th. I promise I'll bring your present on Sunday. ha. sorry I forgot it!

corrie said...

Consider it an honour that we didn't think you could possibly be 26. You're too young to be SO old : )

Love ya!