Thursday, May 17, 2012

Party Debrief

This past weekend we hosted two celebrations at our house. As small as our house is, I was surprised at how well both parties went; lots of people, little space... Good thing our extended family is close!

To be honest, I LOVED every minute! We started on Friday with a family birthday for Aali. It was a sort of come and go thing, which worked out well. The early people were leaving as the later people arrived. It was busy and loud and fun. I love a full house, especially when it's mine.

After lounging and resting on Saturday, Mother's Day plans changed last minute and we ended up hosting the lunch at our place. Seeing as the decor was still up, a few last minute changes (adding and re-adjusting a "Happy Birthday" banner to say "Happy Mother's Day"!) made the place ready for a different celebration. Again, good food, happy chatter, kids running, dogs barking, hugs and laughter.

I don't think I realized, until we had a place of our own, how much pleasure I get from entertaining. At both celebrations I was able to just sit and watch as people helped themselves to our fridge and came and went, backyard to living room, upstairs and around. And the toilet seemed to be constantly flushing. It's funny how all those things are comforting to me, granted I love my alone time too. I had to recover after both parties, but it was all so much fun.

I hope everyone who came felt well taken care of and comfortable in my home.  I'm not %100 amazing at  entertaining yet (the lack of kleenex in my house, no plates at one point, too few chairs, annoying dog...) But you have to know I love it! I hope to do even more as the years go on.

What's better than getting together with family and friends? Not much. Not much at all.


pamero said...

Maybe it's because we grew up in such a full house that a celebration doesn't really feel like a celebration unless there are lots of people and noise and laughing and hugs and bumping of elbows and stepping on toes.

Both celebrations met the requirements : ) Thanks for hosting!

corrie said...

Darn, that last comment was me, not Pam.

Pam! Sign out of blogger next time you use my computer! Those Ameros... no computer etiquette, I tell ya! : )

pamero said...

Ha ha ha!! I was like, "What the what!?? I already commented??" Thanks for the reminder "dad". Now for my real comment: It was a fun weekend and I'd say you're a pretty darn good host already...we had a great time both days, even if Don made us leave early both days...

Linda said...

It was so much fun! I love the chaos. Your home feels warm and comfortable to me and I didn't feel I had to worry about Aryana (or me for that matter) messing up your table or spilling on the floor.

Mom-Nana said...

And then you had Kurt and Sam overnight and on Monday along with a visit from Grandma, Aunty Sandy, Trinity and me. You are a "SuperKim" in my eyes. Love it how you are so relaxed and easy going at entertaining which is the most important quality . It was great fun and great memory making. :)