Wednesday, January 24, 2007

little to none

I don't have much to blog about today,
but I woke up to the snow falling ever
so gently, and it was beautiful and quiet
and started my day off wonderfully.

oddly enough, yesterday my day was
started off with laughter. I don't know
if she felt the same way, but me and
Becky shared a laugh, and I'm not used
to laughing in the morning, but I should
do it more often becuase I was unusually
happy all day. I hope she was too.

here's a picture that'll make you laugh...


chelsea said...

You look like the queen sitting on that toilet with the pink seat cover. hehe :)

beckster said...

what were we even laughing about? i cant even remember that!

pamero said...

Chelsea: You've seen the Queen on the toilet?!?!? Whoa.