Tuesday, January 09, 2007

a little bit random and out of place.

that's how I would describe myself if someone asked me right now.
(becky put it so nicely yesterday, I thought I'd use it)

so anyway, I wrote this song last night, and the piano part
is like nothing I've ever written before.
kind of a mash between Rufus's 'Moulin Rouge'
and one of the themes from Amelie.
but it's pretty cool. I'll play it for you sometime...

(and I've never actually done this before, but I wrote
this song with the pure intention of being for someone.
nicholas, it's completely about you and for you with
love from me!)

It’s You

I watched you the other day
And you didn’t know it
All other things faded away
And left you and me
And I fell in love with you

I watched as you laughed and smiled
With those around you
You stood facing me with
Messy hair and blue jeans
Then you caught my eye and smiled

It’s your smile that melts me
It’s your tears that break me
It’s your arms that take me in
It’s your voice that calms me
It’s your love that holds me
It’s you, it’s you that makes me whole


Linda said...

Wow! Can't wait to hear the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh that's about our sweet nephew. What beautiful lyrics!