Friday, January 05, 2007

my babysitting de-briefing

for the last three days I babysat/hung out with kids from church, as well as earned money for the europe trip, and it was actaully more fun than I thought it was going to be. I looked after the Peters girls (Amy and Jasmine) and with the giganti pile of snow on the cove near my house we dug a huge fort. I did most of the digging and pooped myself out, but it was fun otherwise, and I remembered what it was like to be a small kid again. and then felt it again the next day when I saw three girls about amy's age on top of the destructed fort the next day, laughing and throwing pieces of it around... ugh... I didn't think I was going to take it so hard, but I was actaully hurt by all my hard work one to waste. but, there will be more forts in the future.

the next two days following this I looked after the Laurendeau's girls (Nicki, Julie and Maddy) which was fun as well. in highschool I used to babysit Nicki and Julie every thursday night for about a year (maybe more) so I got to know them really well then. but they have really grown up since then, and it threw me off a bit at how I now had to be there friend, not a grown up looking after them. it was wierd, but I got over it. We played in the snow together, made pancakes and went skating and to a movie.

And I think I realized within the last three days, that I don't think I could do this all the time. I mean I was wasted everynight when I got home, and I'm really not used to looking after kids, I used to do it almost every weekend in junior high and highschool (well not every weekend, but often enough) Now it's about once or twice a year... but I seriously had enough baby sitting in the month of December for all of 2006 ( I babysat Abbi too, before christmas which was interesting and funny) and it was fun while it lasted, but it's nice not to babysit too.

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ccap said...

Yeah, I am sooo with you there. I love my girl and everything but other people's kids? Yeah, Sunday mornings is enough for me.