Thursday, March 01, 2007

more than one a week!

so I realized that for the last two weeks I've been posting once a week on fridays... which was unplanned and wierdo a bit... so I decided to stop it today. with this post. right now. there.

so anyway...I only have one day left before my reading week break. and I'm happy, but I'm sick. ad I still have a lot of work to do. soI'm experiencing a bitter sweet feeling about all this...

Oh, here's a good story: This guy came and tuned our (well, mostly my) piano. And now it's beautiful sounding. There's nothing like a freshly tuned piano. Although, have you ever listened to a piano being tuned? It's a pretty cool experience, just being there. I don't know... there's something about hearing each string slip slowly back into perfect pitch, that is almost cleansing in itself. I have a theory that it could be used as a theriputic method.... haha. anyway. that was a great story.

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Linda said...

I just love a freshly tuned piano and I too, enjoy the sounds of the tuning.