Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm so alone.....

and bored... and sick of school still.

so I made a whole bunch of countdowns:
(sorry bec and cynthia, I have no problem with
writing a list of 11 items, though it might bug you)

0 days until spring!

10 days until I go to ontario!

14/15 days until my parents and bec come home!

17 days until my next day off! ( I mean holiday)

34 days until I'm practically done school! yay!!

37 days until John Mayer!!

38 days until my friends Paul and Jeanette get married!

42 days until I start work!

43 days until my 21st birthday!

93 days until the first day of summer!

AND 107 days until FOLK FEST!!! YeHaW!!

that's it.

1 comment:

beckster said...

ahhh i just typed a good comment and it got lost in the mystery of computers...oh well. maybe next time i wont be so lazy.