Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kim's Week-O-Fun!

Okay, so here's what happen so far during my Week-O-Fun
(aka. reading week...)

number 1 NO Homework! AAAHAHAHA! (yet...)

number two SLEEPING IN! aaaahahahah... okay that's enough of that.
but I don't really like sleeping in too long, so nine o'clock is good good.

number trois Went to the Spa... ahhh..... nice....
no really, I got pampered the hell out of and I loved
every second of it. I had my first massage (emphasis on the MA)
and my first manicure, which was fantasico, and topped
it all off with a pedicure. lovely. I chose this really cute purple
for my toe nail colour... ya.

numero 4 Got a new pair of glasses, well frames... man I wish I could
show everyone what they look like... no camera. Anyway, you'll all see
them soon! they are this colour and this colour.

numbre fiveeo Got some killer deals at the mall when shopping with
Bec on Tuesday. But the best part of it is I bought a new pair of jeans
from bootlegger for only $10.00!! And they are a size 28!! and I fit
them!! A size 28!!! what the heck!?

so that's my exciting listio. yay spring break !


ccap said...

Wow. Where did you come into all that money (spa, glasses, clothes)? Raiding your parents' bank account while they're gone?

ccap said...

P.S. Sounds like a fun week.

Michele said...

yup, that's grocery money for sure. no wonder the size 28 jeans fit.

pamero said...

Hey! Raid their bank account and start your own I'm-going-to-europe-for-the-trip-of-a-lifetime-with-my-sisters-next-year-and-I-still-don't-have-a-job-or-any-money bank account! Hoorah!

corrie said...

Hey! While you're at it find me a new pair of jeans. I HATE jean shopping. With. A. Passion.