Friday, March 02, 2007

okay, so long story short...

yesterday woke up with bad gassy feeling
thought, oh not again...
ate some breakfast
then took two extra strength GAS-X (life savers really)
then about an hour later, no change
actaully I was feeling worse than before
then I called Pam for some moral support
she laughed at me
so I went to the only place that could comfort me:
the internet
found out that I might have an enlarged spleen
(but I'm not a doctor,and I try not to be a hypocondriac)
so I worried for about half an hour
then I thought, hey what is out free healthcare for anyway?
so I went to the walk-in clinic
with all these fears of enlarged spleen
and thinking horrible things like splenectomies...
turns out I just have bad gas.
really bad gas.
it's making my back muscle sore on the left side.
very uncomfortable.
kind of embarassing.
now I wish I had an enlarged spleen.

YaY fRiDaY!!


pamero said...

that is the last time I leave work early and drive 40 minutes out of my way to take you to the walk in clinic when you are being a hypocondriac. After all the time I spent on the phone with you, suggestions, advice, comments, etc the only mention I get in this post is that I laughed at you??
You are hereby renounced as my sister..well for today anyways... jerk.

corrie said...

So embarassing you post about it on your blog?

Kind of reminds me of the time you had that bad gas in Alberta. Man... THAT was funny.

beckster said...

I think you have just become immune to gas-x pills Kimmy...maybe you should look into eating food that is less gas-activating?...