Thursday, September 14, 2006

Confused, A Little Shocked and Sick to My Stomach

This is how I felt when I swallowed my gum during class today. I was so taken aback, mostly because I haven't fallen victim to stupid-mouth-syndrom in a long time but also because it was in the middle of my Mission Issues Today class, where I was sitting alone with no one to support me through this moment of panic. This is how it played out:

chew chew (yum winter fresh!)
chew... prepare for bubble... bubble
post bubble
back in mouth
syliva.. too much...
PANIC! NO! this isn't happening to me! (denial)
wait! where did it go? why is this happening?? ARRG!! (anger)
GUM!! please come back! I'll stop blowing bubbles with you! I promise!! (bargaining)
FINE THEN!! stay in my throat! I don't want to chew you anyway!!*tear* (depression)
(2 min. later) okay, okay... you're gone I know, I can deal with this. I'll just have to be careful next time I'm chewing you. I can do this! I will chew gum again! (acceptance)

Yes, it was this exciting. And I don't think anyone saw me. But I still feel a little sick. I even had something to drink, but it didn't help. Oh the woes of me


cornelia said...

this is hilarious! good job going through the five stages of loss. even if it was suffering the loss of your gum... i guess everything is significant in some way...

pamero said...

I thought it was the five stages of death? No? I am probably wrong.
I think I am a little afraid of gum now....

kimberlalee said...

it's the 5 stages of grieving pammy

beckster said...

I hate that feeling witha pasion. Actualy I think I loath it.