Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Oh, Brain...

There are only some things I understand. The rest of it all scares the crap out of me. This is how I feel just about everyday. I believe that my left brain is almost not there. My right brain has almost no relationahip with my left brain, and those of you who know me see that this is very obvious.
Although, my right brain is quite smart. Smart enought to make others think that I do in fact have a fully functioning left brain that converses with the other side and that they are good friends, but that is a lie.
Some people are lucky enough to have both sides working together in an orderly fashion. Those are lucky people. But looks at these characteristics:

Left Brain
Logical (not me)

Sequential (mmm.... not me)
Rational (only somtimes, with help from others)
Analytical (okay, I am very much this, but not out loud)
Objective (nope)
Looks at parts (haha... I wish)

Right Brain
Random (HA! random is my middle name)

Intuitive (most of the time true)
Holistic (I think in holistic terms all the time. it's pretty darn annoying sometimes)
Synthesizing (mmhmmmm)
Subjective (I am the biggest follower there is... )
Looks at wholes ( I hate this about my self sometimes. can be overwhelming)

Anyway, this is my problem.... too right brained... it's frustrating. And now I have to go work on Music Theory. ugh.... I think I just felt my right brain twitch. And my left brain isn't even moving. Great.


Michele said...

speak gently to your sweet left brain... let him come along at his own pace.

Linda said...

As a fellow music student who understands the frustration of an inadequate left brain, stick with the music theory. It will help you in the long run. I promise.