Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sick in the Head... Literally

What kind of sick joke is waking up with a cold?
I mean, I wonder if Jesus ever felt fine one day and then woke up with a full-blown cold the morning. Probably not. Perfect beings don't have to put up with this crap. Unfair.
And it seems whenever I do get a cold it always sets up camp in my head. I can only remember one other cold I had that wasn't in my head... But why is that? Is my body immune to all other colds but head colds? And if you have ever had one, they are the worst ones to get. All the symptoms have you either bed ridden or 'on the couch all day' ridden. And it hurts to read or look at anything closely, and you can really do without loud noises, and bright lights are irritating, and stupid, nonsence conversations are like the devil....
I wishI could just get one of those colds that has you coughing for three weeks afterward. At least you can get used to that, and start ignoring it after a while. But no, I have to sit in my bed and do nothing. And then everything around you starts feeling sick too. The sheets and pillow cases all of the sudden feel like the plague is attached to them, and the glass that you use to sallow your head medicine has to be washed everytime you use it, and even the clothes you wear feel dirty, even if you just put them on that morning...
I don't really get sick that often, but it always seems to get me where it hurts the most... Like all colds do.


pamero said...

Okay as someone currently undergoing one of the 'cough for 3 weeks afterwards' colds, let me tell you how inconvienient it is while you are trying to make someone a pita and can't speak for coughing, *while* hoping they can't see the little bits of saliva that are flying out of your mouth as you try to cough to the side and not DIRectly onto their supper. That's right. It's fantasitc. Other reasons not to have the coughy kinda cold:
-coughing till you're crying(I mean literally, not emotionally)
-coughing till you puke
-coughing unitl you have no choice to spit out 'stuff' which should be exiting your body via nose (I mean isn't that what it's for!?!)
-coughing SO hard for SO long that your husband who is actually sick with food poisoning comes out of the bedroom to see if I'M alright...
Need I list more? You'll be fine in probably less than a week.
Ps-hope you feel better soon! :)
Pss-I guess i could have just said this all in my own post, this is the longest comment I've written EVER!

beckster said...

I agree with least head colds stay inside, and go away faster.