Friday, November 10, 2006

Double Frick!

so here's my last few days in a nutshell:

-slept in wednesday morning
-had a surprisingly good breakfast
-phoned the dentist to see if they could fit me in for a check-up on my blasted wisdom teeth
-really didn't think it was going to happen
-1 phone call later had an appointment for 3:40pm
-went to the appointment thinking I was going to get a check-up
-a little surprised and confused when the word "extraction" was used more than once
-20 min later found myself sitting in a pretty comfortable chair, and noticed that my face was thoroughly frozen with the "Extractinator" looming over me
-then I heard the words "pass me the knife", and almost passed out
-a lot of pressure
-then the sound of one my teeth cracking into pieces, and being taken out
-I think the other tooth was in one piece, but it was a little stubborn, so it took just as long as the first one
-then I thought it was over
-sat up a bit, feeling like someone had just taken advantage of my poor mouth with a scauple
-was a little unsteady
-finally got home
-couldn't eat anything
-after pain killers and movies, went to bed and didn't sleep all night
-woke up the next day and spoon fed myself all meals
-watched a rediculous amount of television
-layed around
-went to bed and had more sleep... finally
-woke up, ate (well more like swallowed) breakfast
-watched too much tv
-layed around

and hardly talked during all of this... it was harder than I thought. and the pain still isn't over.

worst things about getting your wisdom teeth removed:
-having to change the bloody gauze every half an hour after the procedure
-not being allowed to eat good food
-forgetting to take more medication when you still feel okay so you don't have to sit through the pain for an hour waitng for the tylenol to kick in
-not being able to brush your teeth very well
-having to woosh salt water around in your mouth 4 times a day
- oh and feeling like a bloated-faced chipmunk who was run over by a car then smashed in the face with a two-by-four, resulting in a broken jaw.

I 'll tell you the good things after I'm recovered.


pamero said...

Yah, but what a fricken cute run over chipmunk you are. I think -fellow bloggers feel free to support me- you should post a little picture of our cute little chipmunky kimmy.awwww.... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing. I had two wisom teeth out plus another bad one out in February and they knocked me out and that was bliss. Soo much easier. I remember them giving em a needle in the arm and then gas and then I woke up in a big chair and everything was done. I hate the changing of the cotton and not being able to eat and being sore. But overall it wasn't too bad. Got so tired.
They should have prepared you more. I would freak if my dentist tried that. But I am a dentist chicken, but last time I needed a filling I did it without freezing and that made me happy of myself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah Pamero, she's one cute little chipmunk and she even dragged herself off the couch to run a little errand with me! That was sweet.