Thursday, November 16, 2006

lazily I write this...

(this looks like a lazy painting...)

so I was going to list another ten things you might not know about me today, but then I got lazy, then I thought I'd give you five things I did today so far, because it requires less thinking...

1. I tried to sing at my voice lesson with my mouth only half open (which wasn't as fun as I thought it was going to be, it actually start to hurt a bit)

2. I ate some surprisingly good corn/potato chowda for lunch from the small bistro at school.

3. I sent myself an email. (I'm having a lonely day, okay?)

4. I brought my antibiotics to school with me, so I was pretending to be House and keep them in my pocket all day and then every once and a while nonchalauntly open the bottle and pop one into my mouth... but I couldn't actually do it because I can't swallow pills dry like that, and also because I only take 1 while I'm at school. So it was only kind of fun.

5. I spent a good amount of time on the internet trying to find out how to do the "knit" stitch. I found some helpful videos and saved them to my flash drive. It was a blasty blast.

So that was about it during this boring day.

oh I forgot to mention that I got an 8.8/10 on a Music History paper, which beat my last 8.5/10, so that was encouraging. and when talking to my professor for that class he complimented me on my solid paper writing. HA! solid paper writing my butt. has anyone seen a paper that I've written? bad bad bad... anyway, I figure that it's at least good for my self-esteem to hear something good about myself, even if it is a music professor commenting on my (what I like to call) "writing" "skills" (yes, each of those words get their own "quotation" marks)


michele said...

hey! no quotations! you are great and it's about time you noticed.

pamero said...

Okay, is that lazy painting from cheese moon girl? It looks a lot like the same style or something..
Other Comments to make:
-did they actually call it 'chowdA' at school? 'Cause that would be fricken hilarious! And now I want some of ccaps delicious corn chowda :) mmmm.....
-awww...I'm not really surprised that you sent yourself an email, but I will send you one as well, so me and you can be your only friends.
-Oh man. That house comment made me ROFL! It was SO funny. Especially since you only took one a day. So like, for that one minute you were kinda like house! ha!
-Seriously, you are the only other person on the planet I know that uses blasty blast. I'm so happy I told you about it. Corrie hates me when I use it. :(
-Last but not least I think that was a pretty interesting knitting comment. I think I might get you to teach me how to knit. And then, once you learn to knit mitts, you can teach me. Then, when we're old ladies, we can knit together and watch Days Of Our Lives while we have tea. Plan? great. have a good time friday night.
(once again I should have just posted my own post on my own blog.)

Anonymous said...

what is blasty blast?

kimberlalee said...

A comdedian named Dane Cook came up with it I think, that's the first place me and Pam heard it. Anyway, he's a pretty funny guy and you can see his stand up on YouTube. He does swear a bit,a nd he has some really wierd manurisms, but if you not offended by the language and if you can get past his wierd quirks, then he's actually pretty funny, but I don't know if you'd like him, michele. He says "blasty blast" in the first two min. of his 'Insomniac Tour' stand up video on YouTube. But you have to type in Dane Cook to find it.

Anonymous said...

I can teach you how to knit! I can, I can!